• Promoting ICT industry of Japan and developing countries.
  • Promoting support for ICT industry and infrastructure development in developing countries.
  • Globalizing ICT industry of our Japan by connecting to Asia directly.
  • Improving prosperity and culture of Japan and developing countries with ICT.


The series of of improvement and deveelopment of ICT technologies has been creating new products and systems, that are providing us the convenience of everyday life and changing our customs and values.
while ICT, in that way, is about to change our culture, we need to keep trying to develop technology expected to drive greater innovation.

On the other hand, the problem of the working population lack by the population decline occurs in our Japan. And it makes us concerned about the lack of human resourses of ICT industry and industrial recession of Japan.
To increase human resourses of ICT, we need to make the influx of highly skilled human resources. With this view, it is important to positively have a relationship with companies and pepole all over the world and accept new technologies , and make our industry attractive so that it can change the world.

Then, we are positively in cooperation with overseas human resourses and companies.
What we do is like:

  • Analyzing conditions and providing advice about expanding overseas of our members.
  • Educating about business practices and languages overseas.
  • Providing advice about development, production, sales for innovative technologies.
  • Promoting inter-business cooperation in technology exchange conferences.
  • conducting foreign aid like ODA and demonstration experiments.

Our association develops our business to collect international human resourses who are trying to reserch and develop the innovative ICT technologies, and create business connecting to all over the world with a view to globalizing our ICT industry with human resourses overseas.

Kazuyuki Sakamoto

What We Do

  • 1.Providing communication infrastructure by inexpensive and the latest IP, represented by such as wifi that are required in the rural areas of developing countries, and promoting the adoption of leading‐edge technologies of our members.
  • 2.Activating ICT of Japan to be recognized all over the world, and supoorting globalization of ICT companies in our Japan.
  • 3.Supporting the the development of industry and the the improvement of the standard of living in developing countries with ICT technologies of Japan.
  • 4.Organizing the groups which propose information communication projects about local groups and municipal governments referring to successful cases of area information technologies.
  • 5.Supporting companies which considering the admission of foreign engineers and the trainees.
  • 6.Conducting the consultation for companies which is trying to expand overseas.
  • 7.Introducing governmental measures about development of ICT industry to our members to support development of human resources and management of them.

Organization and Information


President Mr. Kazuyuki Sakamoto
Vice President Mr. Shigeru Koda
Vice President Mr. Takashi Nakahara
(account manager)
Mr. Tetsuo Nampei
Mr. Kazuhisa Hirayama
Director Mr. Takashi Tashiro
Director Mr. Yoshihisa Nawata
Auditor Ms. Kazuko Ito
Adviser Mr. Yasuhiko Kawasumi


Name Japan International ICT Association
Abbreviation JIIA
Phone 81-3-5800-2240
Fax 81-3-5800-2250
e-mail info-01@jiianet.com
URL http://jiianet.com/
Address NRKKasuga-Bldg. 2-24-11 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0003, Japan
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